URL Hacking in Salesforce Lightning

From past 4 years we all are waiting for the URL hacking feature to support in lightning, as salesforce replaced with custom actions. No long wait end and in Summer 20' salesforce coming up with this feature supporting in lightning too. URL Hack is a custom built button that creates a new record, and presets …

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Order of execution in Salesforce

  When record get created into Salesforce following Order of execution works: 1. System Validation Rules 2. Apex Before Triggers 3. Custom Validation Rules 4. Duplicate Rules 5. Apex After Triggers 6. Assignment Rules 7. Auto-Response Rules 8. Workflow Rules 9. Processes 10. Escalation Rules 11. Roll-Up Summary Fields    

Lightning Cards Creation using LWC

A lightning-card is used to apply a stylized container around a grouping of information. The information could be a single item or a group of items such as a related list. Use the variant or class attributes to customize the styling. A lightning-card contains a title, body, and footer. To style the card body, use the Lightning Design System helper classes. When applying …

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Salesforce for Outlook Retirement

Salesforce Outlook is going to do major change in this year December on what most of customer are using today. What is changing? Salesforce for Outlook will be retired in December 2020 when Lightning Experience ends extended support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Recently Salesforce has made key advancements on our next-generation Microsoft integration products: …

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Upload Multiple Files Using Lightning Web Component in Salesforce

A lightning-file-upload component provides an easy and integrated way for users to upload multiple files. The file uploader includes drag-and-drop functionality and filtering by file types. This component inherits styling from file selector in the Lightning Design System. File uploads are always associated to a record, so the record-id attribute is required. Uploaded files are available in Files Home under the …

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